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Noida Twin Tower Demolition Incredible Bird's-Eye View Of Noida Twin Towers Demolition.

Noida Twin Tower Demolition Incredible Bird's-Eye View Of Noida Twin Towers Demolition.

Noida Twin Tower Demolition | Video: Incredible Bird's-Eye View Of Noida Twin Towers Demolition

The talks of the super top builders standing on the foundation of corruption were made friends in a few seconds yesterday i.e. on August 28 at 2:30 pm. For the first time such a huge building has been demolished on the orders of the court. For this a long battle was fought from High Court to Supreme Court.

 Ultimately the victory went to the common man who raised his voice against the arbitrariness of the builder and brought the corrupt system to its knees. For this work, a team of experts from South Africa came to India, which has done this work in collaboration with Recording Company of India and has succeeded in demolishing the building at the exact place. You must have seen that after the building collapsed, you would also have got to see the tires of big trucks on the ground. Now the question is, why this was done and how the building with a height of about 100 meters was dropped at the exact place. Let us understand that Super Top was demolished through Controlled Employee or it is also called Water Falls Employee in. This means that the vis photos are strategically placed so that there is minimum damage to the surrounding building. Explosives were planted in such a way that first the lower part of the building fell, then slowly it exploded upwards and this building would come down. F was placed by the engineers by making a strategy. Usually an explosion on the lower floor of the structure helps the building to come down in a controlled manner. Let us tell you that Utkarsh Mehta, CEO of Calling said that it takes time to apply the cash loss properly. It took approx 7 months in preparation which includes 1 month planning and 6 months yes side preparation. Let us tell you that 3600kg of explosives were used to demolish this building. The 9400 holes were grilled and put 'explosive' in them. To reduce the impact of explosives, tacks and poles are wrapped with a textile material. In addition to this, steel plates and fourteen hundred truck types were also kept so that the building closest to the fj could cause the least damage to them. Now the challenge is to remove the debris. It is being told that the debris will be removed in about 3 months

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